Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cooking - My first blog
Hello, Everyone!
This is my first blog. I was not sure what a blog was until today. I accidentally came upon; 26 sites that pay you to blog. I clicked on the Blogger link and here I am. My very first blog. My blog site is called cooking good! It is about eating, cooking, shopping, what you should buy and what you should not, my philosophy and plan on how to balance your junk cravings (if you must) over a healthy diet and just about everything food. I want you to partake, learn and grow from this blog, but most of all I want this time we spend together to be a knowledgeable, fun and exciting experience for both of us!

Now if you're thinking, "this is another fancy chef with techniques I don't understand", that's incorrect. No, I am not a professional cook nor am I one of the best 'family home style' cooks that ever lived. Rather, I am not a good cook at all. But that is why I am help the other women and men who - like I was - are all thumbs up when it comes to making a tasty meal. You see I started as a formulaic cook i.e. cooking by recipe. It has taken me some time to incorporate the things I learned by recipe and research into my own cooking repertoire. It is this knowledge I want to pass along to you. I want to take you along on this journey with me as I further develop my cooking skills and pass my cooking secrets along to you. You don't have to eat bland food anymore! I've taken the trial and error out of learning to cook. I've done the hard work for you!

You see in the past I had a problem knowing which seasonings complement each other and which seasonings accent the taste of certain foods. Now after years of cooking, reading and asking questions I can show the worst cook in the world how to fix delicious dishes that your family will run home to. It's all about understanding what needs to be done. As I said previously by no means am I a professional in the kitchen, and if that is what you want to be a formal training program would be the right choice for you. This blog is for the everyday woman or man who needs instruction in the rudimentary hands-on process of making your cuisine appetizing. Expert? No. Conversely, I am the woman who never gives dinner parties because I fear the scrutiny of others should my dishes not be up to par. Of course out of courtesy, everyone when invited to dinner says, "This is delicious, I love it" but is it the truth? This has been my personal fear. I come from a family of excellent homestyle cooks but somehow that gene skipped over me. Most of the people in my family just naturally know what to do when it comes to cooking and getting acclimated in the kitchen. But me? If I were to give a dinner party tonight it would have to be catered. I still have not progressed to the point where I feel comfortable serving others my dishes. When I can accomplish this, it will be an epiphany for me.

Through this - my online journal - I can help others who are in the same situation I was years ago. Here at cooking good! I plan to bring you many exciting hints, tips and recipes all with an eye on healthy eating. I won't bring you any cardboard meals, but delicious dishes that use the healthiest possible ingredients. Meals that are not only good tasting but are balanced nutritionally, utilize healthy ingredients and healthy cooking methods. Now, take a look. Here is a preview of some of the topics I will cover in the weeks to come:

  • breakfast quickies

  • cooking for the novice

  • seasoning your food

  • make your food taste like an expert cooked it

  • eat light but eat right

  • its easy to make your food taste good

  • water: the forgotten food?

  • food safety and sanitation

  • get to know your supermarket...

  • how to expand your repertoire of dishes

  • what to buy when you grocery shop - a structured plan
  • eat breakfast like a king . lunch like a queen . and dinner like a pauper

For those who come to my blog I will bring you coupons, useful functional products to purchase that will make your life simpler and even haggle with manufacturers to bring you special deals and samples. I'll feature educational videos and anything that is interesting and enlightening. I want to bring you quality in my posts. I'll write probably five days a week - Monday thru Friday. I'll work to bring you fresh content, even down to the look of the site, there will be new additions and things to pretty up my blog. Also, I would also like to hear from you. If there is something in particular you want me to write about send me an email I will do a post on it. You my audience are the best people in the world. I want to show you the love of God through this my personal view of the world of cooking. Yours truly... Cooking Good!

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